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Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Bölümü
Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültemiz, kuram ve uygulamaların öğretildiği bir yer olmanın ötesinde, fikirlerin yeşerdiği, yeteneklerin geliştiği ve ömür boyu süren arkadaşlıkların kurulduğu dinamik ve çeşitlilik gösteren bir topluluktur.

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  • Yayın
    The exploration of academic procrastination from self regulated learning perspective
    (Asclepius Open LLC, 2022) Maraba, Dilara; Bulut, Sefa; Bulut, Sefa; Maraba, Dilara; Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Bölümü
    Many people have an issue which is delaying or putting tasks off, so they face distress and concomitantly failure in different domains of life. Procrastination is a scientific term that explains the situation, and academic procrastination is the distinct type which is generally attributed to self-regulatory failure that refers to being successful in self-control, self-discipline, emotional regulation and cognitive process, so it is significant to analyze self-regulated learning and its perspectives. In this regard, Zimmerman, Winnie, Hadwin and Pintrinch are prominent scholars, who proposed SRL models that generally follow common phases which are task analysis, performing, monitoring and feedback. Also, intrinsic and extrinsic goal orientation, self-efficacy, the control of beliefs, the fear of failure (test anxiety), cognitive and metacognitive learning abilities are fundamental components of SRL.
  • Yayın
    The effect of nature on child development
    (Corpus Publisher, 2020) Bulut, Sefa; Maraba, Dilara; Bulut, Sefa; Maraba, Dilara; Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Bölümü
    Nature has many positive effect on people’s mental health and mental capacity. The purpose of the paper is to investigate the positive effect of nature on children development. Even though children has plenty of opportunities in rural areas, children in big cities and metropolitan areas missing the opportunity to involve in nature. Therefore, children in schools may face more problems and they can demonstrate more emotional and behavioral problems. Interaction with nature can help children in alleviating these problems.
  • Yayın
    Generation Z and its perception of work through habits, motivations, expectations preferences, and work ethics
    (Crimson Publishers, 2021) Bulut, Sefa; Maraba, Dilara; Bulut, Sefa; Maraba, Dilara; Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Bölümü
    Generation Z is the youngest and popular generational cohort who started to be investigated with interest in researches since its impacts are distinctly seen in various fields, and it is entering on labour market now. Generation Z has been growing in an era where technological advancement is fostered, and they are able to have access to effortless and rapid information through technological tools, like the Internet and smartphones. Like other generational cohorts, Generation Z has unique habits and personality traits since they experienced different social, economic or historical circumstances depending on the time interval in which they raised, and the perception of work and occupational habits are affected by those particular characteristics. This study aims to explore dimensions that are related to work, such as work habits, motivations, expectations preferences and work ethics of Generation Z in order to build qualified and effective current and future workforce and satisfied individuals in career path. Generation Z is tech-savvy who is shaped by the peak in technology, and it is individualistic, entrepreneurial, money-conscious, and a multitasker. They like working collaboratively with personal autonomy in a flexible workplace that allows work-life balance and ethical working, and they need monitoring and feedback at work by their executives.