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    Contestation of the "self" in modern and religious psychologies
    (American Psychological Association, 2023) Noor, Noraini Binti Mohd; Berisha, Elma
    We begin our article with commonly available insights from world religions into the notions of “human nature,” “self,” “soul,” and “spirit.” Then, we take brief notes of the more recent metamorphosis of the same notions into “subject,” “ego,” “personality,” “consciousness,” and the like up to modern times and beyond. In doing so, we explore a number of attempts at defining the human self and the many more ways they fail to achieve a satisfactory consensus on the conception of the human self. Parallel streams of both convergent and divergent tendencies are observed in philosophy and psychology, in scientific context as well as in popular culture. To understand these better, we end in juxtaposing between the religious and modern views on the self, and asking if the two can ever be reconciled.
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    Sleep quality, quality of life, fatigue, and mental health in COVID-19 post-pandemic Turkey: A cross sectional study
    (Frontiers, 2023) Bener, Abdulbari; Morgül, Ebru; Tokaç, Mahmut; Ventriglio, Antonio; Jordan, Timothy R.; Morgül, Ebru
    This study explores the predictors and associated risk factors of sleep quality, quality of life, fatigue, and mental health among the Turkish population, during the COVID-19 post-pandemic period.A cross-sectional survey using multi-stage, stratified random sampling was employed. In total, 3,200 persons were approached. Of these, 2,624 (82%) completed the questionnaire package consisting of socio-demographic information, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), WHOQOL-BREF, Fatigue Assessment Scale (FAS), Patients Health Questionnaire (PHQ-15), GAD-7 anxiety scale, and the 21-item Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale (DASS-21).Results: Significant differences between genders were found regarding socio-demographics characters (p<0.01). Using PHQ-15 for depressive disorders, significant differences were found between normal and high severity scores (≥ 10), regarding age group (p<0.001), gender (p=0.049), educational level (p<0.001), occupational status (p=0.019), cigarette smoking (p=0.002), waterpipenarghile smoking (p=0.039), co-morbidity (p=0.003). The WHOQOL-BREF indicated strong correlations between public health, physical health, psychological status, social relationships, environmental conditions, and sleep disorders (p<0.01). Further, comparisons of the prevalence of mental health symptoms and sleeping with PHQ-15 scores ≥ 10 (p=0.039), fatigue (p=0.012), depression (p=0.009), anxiety (p=0.032), stress (p=0.045), and GAD-7 (p<0.001), were significantly higher amongst the mental health condition according to sleeping disorder status. Multiple regression analysis revealed that DASS21 stress (p<0.001), DASS21 depression (p<0.001), DASS21 anxiety (p=0.002), physical health (WHOQOL-BREF) (p=0.007), patient health depression-PHQ-15 (p=0.011), psychological health (WHOQOL-BREF) (p= 0.012), fatigue (p=0.017), and environmental factors (WHOQOL-BREF) (p=0.041) were the main predictor risk factors associated with sleep when adjusted for gender and age.The current study has shown that sleep quality was associated with the mental health symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. In addition, Insufficient sleep duration and unsatisfactory sleep quality seemed to affect physical and mental health functioning.
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    The inventory of problems-29 is a cross‑culturally valid symptom validity test: Initial validation in a Turkish community sample
    (Springer, 2023) Akca, Ali Y. E.; Tepedelen, Mehmed Seyda; Uysal, Burcu; Erdodi, Laszio A.; Uysal, Burcu
    Because the actuarial evidence base for symptom validity tests (SVTs) is developed in a specific population, it is unclear whether their clinical utility is transferable to a population with different demographic characteristics. To address this, we report here the validation study of a recently developed free-standing SVT, the Inventory of Problems-29 (IOP-29), in a Turkish community sample. We employed a mixed design with a simulation paradigm: The Turkish IOP–29 was presented to the same participants (N = 125; 53.6% female; age range: 19–53) three times in an online format, with instructions to respond honestly (HON), randomly (RND), and attempt to feign a psychiatric disorder (SIM) based on different vignettes. In the SIM condition, participants were presented with one of three scripts instructing them to feign either schizophrenia (SIM-SCZ), depression (SIM-DEP), or posttraumatic stress disorder (SIM-PTSD). As predicted, the Turkish IOP–29 is effective in discriminating between credible and noncredible presentations and equally sensitive to feigning of different psychiatric disorders: The standard cutoff (FDS ≥ .50) is uniformly sensitive (90.2% to 92.9%) and yields a specificity of 88%. Random responding produces FDS scores more similar to those of noncredible presentations, and the random responding score (RRS) has incremental validity in distinguishing random responding from feigned and honest responding. Our findings reveal that the classification accuracy of the IOP–29 is stable across administration languages, feigned clinical constructs, and geographic regions. Validation of the Turkish IOP–29 will be a valuable addition to the limited availability of SVTs in Turkish. We discuss limitations and future directions.
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    Psychological interventions for self-harm behaviour and suicide attempts in borderline personality disorder: A systematic review
    (Lut TAMAM, 2023) Kavla, Büşra; Uysal, Burcu; Uysal, Burcu
    Self-harm behaviour and suicide attempts are considered maladaptive coping mechanisms by individuals with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD). Numerous studies have demonstrated that individuals with BPD are at a heightened risk for self-harm behaviour and suicide. Therefore, there is a need for intervention efforts aimed at reducing self-harm and suicide attempts in this population by promoting more functional coping strategies. No systematic review has been conducted to explore the effectiveness of such interventions. A systematic review was performed to identify randomized controlled trials of interventions to reduce self-harm and suicide attempts among individuals with BPD, published between 2012 and 2022. PsycARTICLES, PubMed, Web of Science, Science Direct, and Taylor & Francis databases were examined in the review. A total of 6,760 studies were initially screened, only 13 were selected for review based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results indicated that the standard dialectical behaviour therapy protocol, with the addition of psychological intervention components such as skills training, exposure and acceptance, statistically significantly increased recovery. Statistically significant results have been obtained from various psychotherapeutic intervention groups such as schema therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotion regulation therapy However, it was noted that existing protocols might be inadequate in preventing relapse and addressing potential negative outcomes such as premature termination of therapy.
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    COVID-19 sürecinde gençlere yönelik online ACT temelli başa çıkma becerilerini geliştirme atölyesi
    (Bilişsel ve Davranışsal Psikoterapiler Derneği, 2021) Uysal, Burcu; Gülay, Sümeyra; Uysal, Burcu
    2019 yılının sonunda Çin’de başlayan Koronavirüs pandemisi ve bu sebeple ortaya çıkan sınırlamalar her yaştan bireyi stres altına sokmuştur. Sosyal izolasyon, online eğitimin getirdiği zorluklar, motivasyon eksikliği ve can sıkıntısı gençlerde kaygı ve depresyonda artışa sebep olmuş (Marques de Miranda, da Silva Athanasio, Cecília de Sena Oliveira ve Simoes Silva, 2020), ayrıca uykusuzluk, odaklanma güçlüğü gibi zorluklara da yol açmıştır (Golberstein, Wen ve Miller, 2020; Wang, Zhang, Zhao, Zhang ve Jiang, 2020). Bu çalışmada pandemi sürecinde Türkiye’de bilhassa belirli sınırlamalara muhatap olan 20 yaş altı gençlerde başa çıkma becerilerini arttırmaya yönelik online Kabul ve Kararlılık Terapisi (ACT) temelli atölye çalışması geliştirmek ve etkinliğini pilot bir çalışma ile incelemek amaçlanmıştır.
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    Examining the effectiveness of a group hope intervention program in Syrian refugee children: A pilot study
    (Taylor & Francis, 2023) Ataman, Aslıhan; Uysal, Burcu; Uysal, Burcu
    The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a 6-session hope-based intervention program on the levels of hope and psychological resilience of Syrian refugee children. The pre-test post-test control group design was implemented. A total of 42 Syrian refugee students in 5th grade participated in the study. 2 × 2 mixed ANOVA, independent sample t-test, and dependent sam-ple t-test were conducted for data analysis. Mixed ANOVA revealed that the intervention group had more improvement in hope and psychological resilience scores compared to the control group. Dependent sample t-test revealed that while the hope and resili-ence scores of the intervention group were maintained, the hope scores of the control group significantly decreased. Independent sample t-test revealed a statistically significant difference between the post-test hope scores of the groups. Research findings sup-ported that hope-oriented approaches can be effective in improv-ing the resilience of Syrian refugee children in the long term.
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    Reducing test anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic: A comparison of the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy
    (Sage Journals, 2023) Uysal, Burcu; Görmez, Vahdet; Karatepe, Hasan Turan; Sönmez, Dilruba; Taştekne, Feyzanur; Tepedelen, Mehmed Seyda; Jordan, Timothy R.; Uysal, Burcu
    Educational assessments can affect students' mental health, particularly during a pandemic. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are widely efficacious for reducing test anxiety, as well as general anxiety and rumination. However, the effectiveness of these two therapies for students during COVID-19 is unclear. We measured the effectiveness of ACT and CBT for managing test anxiety, general anxiety, and rumination during COVID-19 for 77 students taking Türkiye's national university entrance exam, assigned to either the ACT or CBT psychoeducation programs. Both programs reduced test anxiety, general anxiety, and rumination, and showed similar levels of effectiveness. This suggests that ACT and CBT are both important for improving students' mental health during COVID-19 and either may be beneficial.
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    Emotional competence module to handle youth emotional issues
    (Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication, 2019) Perveen, Asma; Hamzah, Hazalizah; Abas, Nurul Ain Hidayah; Othman, Azizah; Kee, Pau; Daud, Nurul Ain Mohd; Morgül, Ebru; Kumar, Pavithrah Jaya; Morgül, Ebru
    This study aims to test the application of the Emotional Competency Module developed specifically for adolescents in Malaysia to help address the emotional competency issues in Malaysia. The module Emotional competency was developed in three phases, first phase conducted the survey, and interview with adolescents, students and professional dealing with emotional competency issues of different schools and universities. Phase 2nd was development of the emotional competency activities to enhance the emotional competency based on the thematic analysis and review analysis of the research findings. Phase 3rd designed the validity and reliability to test the module effectiveness among adolescents. A test was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the module. Students (N=25) participated in two days program and pre and post evaluation was conduct to measure the effectiveness of the module. Findings of pre and post -test indicated that the module is effective to enhance the emotional competency among youngsters. This study provides prove that it can be effective to be used for adolescents as each activity successfully achieved its objectives. This module also serves as a guideline for psychologists, counsellors and teachers to provide emotional competence training for adolescents.
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    Challenges of ELT during the new normal: A case study of Malaysia, Turkey and Palestine
    (Librairie du Liban Publishers, 2023) Assaiqeli, Aladdin; Maniam, Mahendran; Farrah, Mohammed; Morgül, Ebru; Ramli, Khalilah; Morgül, Ebru
    Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2019, which has since proved to be a pandemic of variants, the educational landscape has undergone a drastic transformation as educational institutions across the globe have shifted en masse into online learning, resulting in an unprecedented paradigm shift from on-campus face-to-face instruction to a remote teaching model. Pivotal and timely, this applied linguistic survey research, aimed to investigate this “forced immersion” into academic cyberspace and the challenges created by this “emergency adoption” of virtual education by exploring the experiences, challenges and perceptions of 50 English language faculty members affiliated with three universities in three different countries. The study sought to identify and document (1) the effectiveness of online teaching, (2) the difficulties of its implementation, (3) student interaction and engagement in the online environment, and (4) factors that could enhance its efficacy. The study employed a descriptive quantitative research approach. The study concluded that the success of online distance learning is contingent on several issues. This case study provides educators and educational leaders, based on the expressed perceptions and needs of faculty, with pedagogical insights, which could be of significance to institutional strategic planning and professional development. The study generates knowledge related to applied linguistic and educational research and furthers our understanding of the challenges of online learning. © 2023 Librairie du Liban Publishers. All rights reserved.
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    Kampüste manevi bakım: İngiltere örneği ve Türkiye için çıkarımlar
    (İbn Haldun Üniversitesi, 2023) Ok, Üzeyir; Gören, Ayşe Burcu; Ok, Üzeyir
    Ergenlikten yetişkinliğe geçiş aşamasındaki üniversite öğrencilerini kampüste bilişsel ve sosyal gelişim bakımdan önemli görevler, güçlükler ve sorgulamalar beklemektedir. Aileden ayrılma ve yaşanan bu tür gelişim sorunlarının zamanında, yerinde ve yabancılaşma olmadan onların değerleri çerçevesinde çözümlenmesi son derece önemlidir. Aksi takdirde zamanında müdahale edilmeyen ve çözülemeyen sorunlar onların marjinal tutumlar ve yaşam tarzları geliştirmelerine ve ruh sağlığı bakımdan daha fazla zorlanmalarına yol açabilir. Bu çalışmanın amacı İngiltere’deki üniversitelerde din görevlileri tarafından yürütülen kampüs manevi bakım (MB) hizmetlerinin nasıl yürütüldüğünü göstermek ve benzer bir modelin Türkiye üniversitelerinde geliştirilmesine ön ayak olmaktır. Bu amaçla çalışmada İngiltere’nin Birmingham şehrindeki iki üniversitede çalışan biri Müslüman 4 MB görevlisi ile yapılan nitel çalışmaya yer verilmiştir. Nitel veriler iki ayrı araştırmacı tarafından literatür bilgileriyle karşılaştırılarak analiz edilmiştir. Sonuçta kampüs MB hizmetleriyle ilgili aşağıdaki ana konular ortaya çıkmıştır: Kampüs MB hizmetlerinin tanımı, yapılanması ve organizasyonu, amacı, görevlilerinin eğitimi, uygulamada kullanılan yeterlilikler ve beceriler, temel destek biçimleri, genel stratejiler, danışanlar ve sorunları (sosyal kimlik, aidiyet, inanç ile ilgili konular, ruh sağlığı konuları, yakın ilişkiler), MB görevlilerinin karşılaştıkları güçlükler ve yapılan öneriler yer almaktadır. Çalışma literatür incelendiğinde Türkiye’de ilk çalışma olması bakımından tarihi önemli bir konuma sahiptir ve bu alandaki bulgular Türkiye’de benzer bir modelin geliştirilmesine öncülük edebilecek niteliktedir.
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    Investigating associations between cognitive empathy, affective empathy and anxiety in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
    (Taylor & Francis, 2023) Sönmez, Dilruba; Jordan, Timothy R.
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is strongly associated with socio-cognitive impairments that may result in vulnerability to other mental health conditions, particularly anxiety disorders. This study examined the relationship between anxiety disorders and two key socio-cognitive impairments (cognitive empathy, affective empathy) in 60 adolescents (aged 11–18 years) with and without ASD. Adolescents with ASD showed cognitive empathy was negatively associated with separation anxiety disorder, whereas positive associations between affective empathy and generalized anxiety disorder, and positive marginal associations between affective empathy, social phobia, total anxiety, and separation anxiety disorder were observed. These findings suggest that cognitive and affective empathy show different patterns of associations with anxiety-related issues in ASD, and these differences should be considered for interventions and treatment programs.
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    Lessons to be learned: The knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Turkish people towards the COVID-19 pandemic
    (Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications, 2022) Bener, Abdulbari; Atak, Muhammed; Morgül, Ebru; Barışık, Cem Cahit; Morgül, Ebru
    Background: The world experienced the greatest pandemic of the 21st century with the emergence of a new and readily transmissible the coronavirus disease. Understanding knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) of the public towards the pandemic is an essential part of developing effective preventive strategies. Aim: The objective of this study was to investigate the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) concerning the coronavirus (COVID 19) among population in Istanbul. Methods: This is a cross sectional and multi stage, stratified random sampling based on multi center population of Istanbul. A total of 5,414 persons were contacted and 4361 participants (80.5%) gave consent. The data were analyzed using descriptive and multiple regression analyses. Results: There were significant differences between low education and high educational level with respect to age groups, gender, occupation, income, residence, number of rooms and family members (P < 0.001). Responses concerning knowledge of COVID 19 indicated that subjects with high education level were significantly higher regarding knowledge of the signs and symptoms of COVID 19 and methods of detecting COVID 19 respectively. Majority of the participants consider COVID 19 risk is higher than AIDS or Cancer (75.8% of low education vs. 67.2% of high education level (P < 0.001). Multivariate stepwise regression analysis revealed that monthly income status (P < 0.001), appropriate method of detecting COVID 19 (P < 0.001), occupational status (P < 0.001), medical mask prevent against COVID 19 (P < 0.001), eating or contacting wild animals (P < 0.001), isolation and treatment of people reduce risk (P < 0.001), isolation 14 days (P < 0.001), avoid going to crowded places such as train metro, bus, restaurants and shopping (P = 0.003), COVID 19 spreads via respiratory droplets (P = 0.004), afraid of travel (P = 0.026) were significantly associated with COVID 19 knowledge. Conclusions: The current study results revealed that the educational level and occupation especially sedentary are correlated positively with knowledge, attitude and practices. This finding is not surprising since higher education levels and professional status are associated with good KAP in most epidemic diseases including COVID 19. Nevertheless, the recent experience with COVID 19 has provided lessons on strategy and policy making.
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    Roles of fundamentalism and authoritarianism in relations between religiosity and civil liberties among Muslims
    (John Wiley and Sons Inc, 2022) Ok, Üzeyir; Ok, Üzeyir
    Two cross-sectional studies were conducted with undergraduate and graduate students (mean age = 22 years) in two university campuses in different regions of Turkey to investigate confrontations between conservative religious people and secular-liberal people and the roles of fundamentalism and authoritarianism for these groups. Study 1 investigated the connections between traditional religiosity and liberties and the impact of religious fundamentalism with a sample of 482 participants. Using hierarchical multiple linear regression and bootstrapping analysis, religiosity was seen as negatively connected to three components of liberties. It was shown that religious fundamentalism had an indirect effect on this connection. In Study 2, with a sample of 260 participants, the negative connection between traditional religiosity with liberties was confirmed. Further, it was found that particularly the conservatism dimension of right-wing authoritarianism played an explanatory role in this connection. In addition, as an extension of the two studies, it was observed that secular-liberal participants supported civil liberties in general, but they expressed opposition to freedom of religion in particular, indicating that the antagonism between religious and secular people may also stem from secular-liberal people. It was found that dimension of aggression of left-wing authoritarianism played an explanatory role in connection to this aspect.
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    The future of think tanks and policy advice in the United States
    (SETA, 2022) al-Heraki, Heba
    The book can be very insightful not only for those who are working in think tanks but for any other intellectual or activist organization or project. The audience of this book might extend to the general public, as the challenges and themes repeated across the book are, evidently, part of all of our modern lives; it might be very useful for the modern individual to look at them from this organizational perspective...
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    Social media and online digital technology use among Muslim young people and parents: Qualitative focus group study
    (JMIR Publications Inc., 2022) Douglass, Caitlin H.; Borthwick, Aidan; Lim, Megan S.C.; Erbas, Bircan; Eren, Senem; Higgs, Peter
    Background: Digital technology and social media use are common among young people in Australia and worldwide. Research suggests that young people have both positive and negative experiences online, but we know little about the experiences of Muslim communities. Objective: This study aims to explore the positive and negative experiences of digital technology and social media use among young people and parents from Muslim backgrounds in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Methods: This study involved a partnership between researchers and a not-for-profit organization that work with culturally and linguistically diverse communities. We adopted a participatory and qualitative approach and designed the research in consultation with young people from Muslim backgrounds. Data were collected through in-person and online focus groups with 33 young people aged 16-22 years and 15 parents aged 40-57 years. Data were thematically analyzed. Results: We generated 3 themes: (1) maintaining local and global connections, (2) a paradoxical space: identity, belonging and discrimination, and (3) the digital divide between young Muslims and parents. Results highlighted that social media was an important extension of social and cultural connections, particularly during COVID-19, when people were unable to connect through school or places of worship. Young participants perceived social media as a space where they could establish their identity and feel a sense of belonging. However, participants were also at risk of being exposed to discrimination and unrealistic standards of beauty and success. Although parents and young people shared some similar concerns, there was a large digital divide in online experiences. Both groups implemented strategies to reduce social media use, with young people believing that having short technology-free breaks during prayer and quality family time was beneficial for their mental well-being. Conclusions: Programs that address technology-related harms must acknowledge the benefits of social media for young Muslims across identity, belonging, representation, and social connection. Further research is required to understand how parents and young people can create environments that foster technology-free breaks to support mental well-being.
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    The good, the bad and the hijab: A study of implicit associations made by practicing Muslims in their native Muslim country
    (SAGE, 2022) Sheen, Mercedes; Yekani, Hajar Aman Key; Jordan, Timothy R.
    Recent research indicates that wearing the hijab reduces the attractiveness of female faces perceived by practicing Muslim men and women in their native Muslim country (the United Arab Emirates). The purpose of the current research was to develop this finding to investigate whether other aspects of person perception are also affected when women wear the hijab in this Muslim country. Of particular relevance is that changes in physical attractiveness often affect the personal qualities assigned to individuals. Accordingly, we sought to determine whether such effects occur when the physical attractiveness of women is altered by wearing the hijab. To do this, we used an Implicit Association Test (IAT) to investigate how native Muslim participants in the UAE associated pleasant and unpleasant connotations with images of women either wearing the hijab or with their heads uncovered. As in previous research with native Muslim participants, female faces were again perceived as significantly less attractive when the hijab was worn. However, the accompanying IAT findings showed that these less attractive hijab-wearing images were associated more with pleasant connotations than were the matched uncovered images. These findings provide fresh insight into the effects of the hijab on perceptions of Muslim women in a Muslim country and provide support for the view that cultural clothing can influence person perception beyond physical attractiveness alone.
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    Why do young adults in the United States have such low rates of organ donation registration?
    (MDPI AG, 2022) Wotring, Amy J.; Jordan, Timothy R.; Saltzman, Barbara; Glassman, Tavis; Holloway, Jennifer; Khubchandani, Jagdish
    The demand for transplantable organs has outpaced the supply. Thus, 20 Americans die every day while waiting for an organ. Although most adults support organ donation, 42% are not registered. The rate is even lower among young adults who are not enrolled in/never graduated from college. The aim of this study was to use the Integrated Behavior Model (IBM) to identify factors that predicted organ donation registration among a racially diverse sample of non-student young adults. The study was observational and cross-sectional. Proportional allocation was used to identify a racially diverse sample of 550 non-student, young adults from ten states in the U.S. with the lowest registration rates. A valid and reliable survey was designed, pilot-tested, and administered. A total of 407 young adults completed the survey (74%). Only 19% were registered donors. Caucasians were more likely to be registered donors than racial minorities, χ 2 (3, N = 407) = 15.19, p = 0.002. Those with more positive direct attitudes toward registration were 1.5 times more likely to be registered than those who had negative direct attitudes. Among non-registrants, indirect descriptive norm and direct attitude were statistically significant predictors of behavioral intention. Moreover, those who knew someone who donated an organ and knew someone who needed a transplant were nearly three times more likely to intend to register in the next year. The IBM proved useful in elucidating factors that predicted intention to register among non-student young adults. The IBM should be used by those who desire to increase registration rates.
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    Videoconferencing-based cognitive behavioral therapy for youth with anxiety and depression during COVID-19 pandemic
    (SAGE, 2022) Uysal, Burcu; Morgül, Ebru; Taştekne, Feyzanur; Sönmez, Dilruba; Tepedelen, Mehmed Seyda; Gülay, Sümeyra; Görmez, Vahdet; Uysal, Burcu; Morgül, Ebru
    The need for psychosocial intervention programmes to address the negative consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated lockdown restrictions on the mental health of young people is evident. Using a within subject pretest-posttest design, this study aimed to evaluate the effects of online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)-based anxiety and depression management psychoeducation programmes on mental health and coping skills in youth ages 14–20. The Demographic Information Form, Revised Child Anxiety Depression Scale, and KidCope were administered before and after the psychoeducational programme to assess programme outcomes. The results indicate significant decreases in levels of anxiety, significant decreases in avoidance of anxiety-provoking situations and significant increases in coping skills following the online CBT Anxiety Management Psychoeducation Program. A significant decrease in depression scores was noted among the online CBT Depression Management Psychoeducation Program participants. Although these results should be interpreted cautiously due to limitations of the study (e.g., no control group, high attrition), they suggest that psychological prevention or intervention programmes may be beneficial for young people who are physically unable to go to school or who cannot interact face-to-face with social support networks.
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    Psychological problems and resilience among Syrian adolescents exposed to war
    (Elsevier, 2022) Uysal, Burcu; Yanık, Medaim; Taştekne, Feyzanur; Tüzgen, Esma; Altınışık, Esra; Acartürk, Ceren; Uysal, Burcu
    There are very few holistic studies that consider a resilience and risk-oriented approach to Syrian adolescent refugees living in Turkey, and most of these studies have been conducted with relatively small samples. Furthermore, dissociation as a universal response to childhood trauma has been neglected by researchers in the study of Syrian adolescents. Therefore, this study aimed to correct this omission by investigating the level of psychological problems (especially dissociation) and resilience with the predictors of those levels, as reported by 430 Syrian adolescents aged between 12 and 18 in Turkey. The prevalence of the participants who had higher than the cut-off value in dissociation was 47.2% and in PTSD was 61.3%. Additionally, in the proportion of medium to severe levels, 72.8% of the participants had anxiety symptoms and 51.5% had depressive symptoms. The level of resilience among the adolescents was about average with 60.7% of the participants displaying moderate to exceptionally high resilience.While the high number of traumatic experiences and use of negative religious coping methods came to the fore as predictors of psychological problems, social support from family and friends and positive religious coping methods were the common predictors for the assessment of higher resilience. The findings from this study may be of assistance to the development of preventive intervention programs for adolescent refugees in general and Syrian adolescent refugees in particular.
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    Gebelikte algılanan eş desteği ve depresyon, anksiyete ilişkisinde bilişsel duygu düzenleme stratejilerinin aracı rolü
    (Association of Clinical Psychology Research, 2021) Sağlam, Betül; Uysal, Burcu; Uysal, Burcu
    Bu çalışmanın amacı gebelik döneminde kadınlarda algılanan eş desteği ve bilişsel duygu düzenleme stratejilerinin depresyon, anksiyete düzeyleri ile olan ilişkisini incelemektir. Veriler elden ve çevrimiçi veri toplama yöntemleriyle toplanmıştır. Örneklemi, Türkiye’de yaşayan, evli, 18-43 yaş aralığında ve 4-42. haftalarında olan 256 gebe oluşturmaktadır. Araştırmada katılımcılara, sosyodemografik ve gebeliğe dair bilgiler için Kişisel Bilgi Formu, Eş Destek Ölçeği (EDÖ), Bilişsel Duygu Düzenleme Ölçeği (BDDÖ), Edinburgh Doğum Sonrası Depresyon Ölçeği (EDSD), Beck Anksiyete Ölçeği (BAÖ) verilmiştir. Elde edilen verilerin analizinde betimsel istatistikler, Pearson korelasyonu ve paralel aracılık analizleri kullanılmıştır. Bulgulara göre algılanan eş desteği ile depresyon ve anksiyete arasındaki ilişkilerde, bilişsel duygu düzenleme stratejilerinin aracılık etkilerinin anlamlı olduğu görülmüştür. Algılanan eş desteği yüksek olan gebe kadınların bilişsel duygu düzenleme stratejileri aracılığı ile depresyon ve anksiyete düzeylerinin düştüğü bulunmuştur. Bulgular ışığında algılanan eş desteğinin başa çıkma stratejilerini etkileyişinin gebe kadınların ruh sağlığını korumada önemli bir faktör oluşturduğu düşünülmektedir.