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    Human capital, economic complexity, andecological footprints: Crafting a sustainabledevelopment policy framework for E7 nations
    (Wiley, 2024) Hong, Tao; Yin, Jie; Latif, Muhammad Nouman; Ahmad, Mahmood
    Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with far-reaching implications for ecosystems, economies, and societies worldwide. Human capital (HUC) and economic complexity (ECC) "understood as structural transformation toward more sophisticated and knowledge-based production" can be pivotal in curtailing ecological degradation. In this context, the study explores the intricate relationship between HUC, financial development, financial globalization, gross domestic product, ECC, and ecological footprints from 1995 to 2021. To achieve this objective, advanced econometric estimation methods are employed. The results indicate the presence of cross-sectional dependence and slope heterogeneity in the dataset. The variables present a mixed order of stationarity, while the Westerlund test indicates the presence of a long-run equilibrium association. The results from the Method of Moments Quantile regression indicate that ECC posed a positive but insignificant effect in the lower quantile (tau = 0.1-0.25), while negative and significant in the middle (tau = 0.50) and upper quantiles (tau = 0.75-0.90). Moreover, financial globalization negatively and significantly affects ecological footprints through all the quantiles except the lower quantile (tau = 0.1). Financial development, gross domestic product, and HUC enhance environmental degradation by escalating ecological footprints. Based on the results, the study suggested enhancing the ECC and financial globalization, while sustainable utilization of HUC and strict regulations for the financial sector to foster sustainable development in E7 countries.
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    God and the problems of love
    (Cambridge University Press, 2023) Clark, Kelly James; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Felsefe Bölümü
    Religious believers are often commanded to love like God. Onclassical accounts, God seems a poor model for human beings: an immutable and impassable being seems incapable of the kind of episodic emotion(sympathy,empathy)thatseemsrequiredfor thebest sorts of human love. Models more conducive to human love, on the other hand, are often rejected because they seem to limit God’s power and glory. This Element looks first at God and then divine love within the Abrahamic traditions—Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. It will then turn to love and the problem of hell, which is argued as primarily a problem for Christians. The author discusses the kind of love each tradition asks ofhumansandwonders,givenrecentworkintherelevant cognitive and social sciences, if such love is even humanly possible.
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    Magnificence at the royal courts in the Islamic world
    (Cambridge University Press, 2023) Faroqhi, Suraija Roschan; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Tarih Bölümü
    Over the twentieth century, multi-disciplinary academic studies addressed dress practice and bodily adornment from a variety of perspectives, assessing the question of fashion, though few communities outside the West were awarded this term until the past generation. Anthropologists took an ethnographic stance, with works that from the late 1980s became more attentive to the lived significance of clothing that reflected ‘agency, practice and performance’ with local and global impact.
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    Empirical analysis of the impact of Turkish bilateral official development assistance on export
    (Universitas Islam Indonesia, 2023) Hassan, Arab Dahir; Dil, Esra
    Purpose ― The main objective of this study is to explore the relationship between bilateral official development assistance and the export of Turkey to 18 Turkish aid recipient countries between 1998 and 2019. Methods ― The study employs the gravity model of international trade to capture the effect of official development assistance on Turkish export to its aid recipient countries and utilizes Panel data econometric analysis. Findings ― The official development assistance (ODA) remains statistically significant across the models, indicating that ODA is one of the significant drivers of Turkish bilateral trade with the aid recipient countries. Implications ― The study argues that Turkey applied ODA as a foreign policy tool to access new markets in the Middle East, Balkans, Africa, and Asia. Turkish exports to developing countries increased due to the upsurged country's foreign aid donation to its recipients. Originality ― This study deviates from other studies in the literature by empirically examining the relationship between bilateral Official development assistance and the export of Turkey.
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    Working, marketing and consuming Ottoman copper-with a special emphasis on female involvement
    (Brill, 2021) Faroqhi, Suraija Roschan; Faroqhi, Suraija Roschan; Boyar, Ebru; Fleet, Kate; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Tarih Bölümü
    In the Ottoman context, studies dealing with metals made into objects, rather than with raw material sent to the mint, are not very common. Even personal ornaments made of precious metals have attracted only a limited amount of attention, although samples possessed by people outside the Ottoman court have survived, albeit in limited numbers. In the case of females we find ear- rings, necklaces, bracelets and jewelled headdresses, while males owned orna- mented weapons as well as horse-gear with silver inlays. Presumably, scholars have held back because it is very difficult to interpret the written documenta- tion relevant to metalwork – if it even exists. The refining of copper and the products of coppersmiths remain in limbo as well, apart from a number of catalogues describing items in public museums and private collections.
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    [Book Review]: "Varieties of nationalism: Communities, narratives, identities"
    (Routledge, 2024) Lika, Idlir; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Siyaset Bilimi ve Uluslararası İlişkiler Bölümü
    In this short but intriguing and much-needed book, Harris Mylonas and MayaTudor provide a guide and framework for how to conduct rigorous comparativeand cumulative research into the various consequences of nationalism throughtime and across countries. Noting that the nationalism scholarship lacks foremostthe conceptual clarity that characterizes other fields of comparative study likedemocratization (rather surprisingly given nationalism’s enduring relevancearound the world), the authors systematically break down the concept of nation-alism into the five most significant dimensions identified in the literature – “eliteand popular fragmentation of national communities; ascriptiveness and thicknessof national narratives; and salience of national identities” (11) – and review someof the influential works in the literature that causally link each of these dimen-sions with a diverse range of outcomes such as regime type, refugee policies,state capacity, political stability and others. They conclude by encouraging scho-lars to explicitly situate their research puzzle along one of the five identifieddimensions of nationalism (62) and to define and operationalize that dimen-sion(s) “in a clear, consistent manner” (14). Only in this way, the authorscontend, can meaningful comparative and cumulative knowledge in the nation-alism scholarship be built…
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    A cross-cultural investigation of effective language pedagogy in teachers’ personal practical knowledge narratives: A cultural-ecological perspective
    (Routledge, 2024) Kamalivahedazad, Jaber; Rektörlük, Yabancı Diller Okulu
    The current case study probes two international language teachers’ perspectives on the role culture plays in their perception of an effective language pedagogy through their personal practical knowledge narratives from a cultural ecological standpoint. To do this, two language teachers from two different cultural backgrounds (Iran and Japan) were asked to write a narrative about an effective class they had taught and how culture had influenced it. These narratives were read carefully and became the basis of three 60-minute semi-structured narrative interviews. Both narratives and interview data were analysed using a thematic analysis based in a cultural ecological perspective. The study contributes to the literature on culturally informed education by recognising culture as a distinctive factor affecting learning in different layers of the cultural ecology and can inform a culture-specific, nativized teacher education programme.
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    Technology and human condition after COVID-19
    (Türkiye Bilimler Akademisi, 2020) Babacan, Mehmet Emin; Şeker, Muzaffer; Özer, Ali; Korkut, Cem; İletişim Fakültesi, Yeni Medya ve İletişim Fakültesi
    In the modern period, the bidirectional relationship between machine and human self can roughly be understood by dividing it into three periods. The first phase of these three periods corresponds to the process that started after the Enlightenment and came to a head as the Industrial Revolution. The second stage of the process was experienced at the 20th century, when modern urban life has been established, nation states emerged and determined political systems, and capitalism was cherished as the end of history. The last stage of this period includes technology such as artificial intelligence, genetics, robotics, bioengineering, and that is related to the existential situation of people, which has changed and will continue to change the character of everything once again through internet technology, in particular...
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    Ibn Khaldūn and John Searle: The construction of the social world through reason and language
    (Beytülhikme Felsefe Çevresi, 2024) Özalkan, Seda
    This article undertakes a comparative examination of the social ontologies, or theories of civilization, proposed by John Searle and Ibn Khaldun. It suggests that a careful juxtaposition of Searle and Ibn Khaldun's social ontologies yields complementary perspectives on the emergence and nature of social reality. They both delineate a distinction between two categories of entities: humanindependent and human-dependent. The former makes up the natural world, while the latter constitutes the social world. Both scholars attempt to understand the second category of entities, which Searle refers to as human civilization and Ibn Khaldun calls ʿumrān. Although Searle and Ibn Khaldun share a common understanding regarding the importance of human activity in shaping social reality, their perspectives diverge when it comes to elucidating the mechanisms behind this phenomenon. Does the social world arise primarily from cognitive processes, or is it predominantly a consequence of linguistic expressions and speech acts? Searle asserts that language forms the basis of social reality, whereas Ibn Khaldun puts forth a social ontology based on reason. While Ibn Khaldun's social ontology explains the construction of tangible social entities such as buildings, Searle's theory can explain how is it that a mere physical structure transforms into an epistemologically objective fact—a university. Ultimately, this paper suggests that viewing the social world through the lenses of these two theories provides an intriguing and holistic perspective. This article suggests that the juxtaposition of these two ontological frameworks enriches our comprehension of the processes that give rise to the ontological-physical and epistemologicalinstitutional dimensions of social entities.
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    From space to place: mapping poverty in Turkish regions with NASA's global gridded relative deprivation index
    (Springer, 2024) Hassan, Arab Dahir; Ibrahim, Mahat Maalim
    This study examines the spatial distribution of poverty in Turkish states using zonal statistics techniques. The recently released Global Gridded Relative Deprivation Index (GRDIv1) dataset by NASA has been utilized. The GRDIv1 index contains six pivotal components: Child Dependency Ratio, Subnational Development Index, Infant Mortality Rate, BuiltUp to Non-Built-Up Ratios, VIIRS nighttime lights, and VIIRS Nighttime Lights (VNL) Slope Component. All the components capture various aspects of regional poverty differences. The results show the eastern regions have significantly higher levels of deprivation than the western regions. This disparity is attributed to conflicts, unemployment, and illiteracy in the East, while the West benefits from higher development. The analysis of the ratio of Built-Up Areas to Non-BuiltUp Areas reveals a complex distribution of urbanization and industrialization, with the western Marmara region emerging as a center of development and industrial activity. Moreover, the analysis of Nocturnal Illumination Patterns, based on VIIRS nighttime light data, further confirms the higher levels of development in the west and the deprivation in the east. This study objectively proves that the Eastern region of Turkiye contains areas with much higher deprivation than does central and western regions.
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    Building higher value-added firm practices in challenging contexts: Formal networks and talent management in Turkey
    (SAGE Publications, 2024) Demirbağ, Mehmet; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Wood, Geoffrey; Glaister, Alison J.; Zaim, Selim; Nair, Smitha R.; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Zaim, Selim; Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, İşletme Bölümü
    Where do high-impact human resources management practices thrive, and how do they make a difference in environments with limited institutional support? This study delves into the realm of talent management (TM) in Turkey, where institutional coverage is incomplete and unstable. Drawing on survey data, we explore the conditions under which TM succeeds, supplementing previous research on internal networks by examining the impact of external networks that encompass the entire firm. We find that when firms have closer ties with customers, suppliers and competitors (and hence, the basis for formal network tie building), TM is more prevalent and more likely to be successful. While conventional wisdom in comparative institutional literature suggests that such dense ties might be less effective in emerging markets owing to the absence of advanced complementarities found in mature economies, our study challenges these assumptions. In the eyes of managers, TM is not merely a tool to overcome disadvantages; it is perceived as a source of opportunities. This prompts a critical question: what specific advantages does the emerging economy system confer on firms embracing TM? Our study seeks to unravel these dynamics and contribute to a deeper understanding of the interplay between institutional contexts and TM.
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    Examining the shifting dynamics of the Beveridge curve in the Turkish labor market during crises
    (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), 2024) Babangida, Jamilu Said; Khan, Asad ul Islam; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, İktisat Bölümü
    Following the global financial crisis, an increasing amount of attention has been directed towards examining the Beveridge curve (BC), which indicates the relationship between unemployment and vacancy rates. This research analyzes the unemployment–vacancy rate dynamics in the Turkiye labor market during both the global financial crisis and COVID-19 periods. The findings from this study demonstrate that the labor market exhibits deteriorating efficiency, as evidenced by movement of BC away from the origin. The unemployment and vacancy rates both increase over time, with a leftward (rightward) shift of BC during the global financial crisis (COVID-19) period. The study also reveals that both crises had no significant effect on unemployment–vacancy rate dynamics. In the Turkish labor market, there exists a situation where the vacancy rate is in shortfall of the unemployment level in Turkiye. This creates a positive relationship between these two factors. The labor market in Turkiye experiences inefficiencies as it struggles to generate a sufficient number of jobs to meet the demand from job seekers.
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    Psychotherapies for the treatment of scrupulosity: A systematic review
    (Springer, 2024) Toprak, Taha Burak; Özçelik, Hanne Nur; Bulut, Sefa; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Psikoloji Bölümü
    “Scrupulosity” is a common but understudied subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) characterized by religious obsessions and compulsions. Although scrupulosity is a common manifestation of OCD, it has not been adequately addressed in treatment studies. The aim of this study was to understand the conceptual nuances of scrupulosity, its diagnosis, the unique differences in conceptualization and interventions during its treatment, the specific tools needed to monitor the prognosis of the pathology, and the limitations of existing studies through a systematic review. Following PRISMA guidelines, a literature search was conducted, and 13 relevant studies were found in Google Scholar, Scopus, PubMed, EbscoHost+Ulakbim, Wiley Online Library, ScienceDirect, Taylor & Francis Online, and Web of Science databases. Two researchers independently rated the included articles using the MMAT and then met to compare the ratings. Disagreements were resolved through discussion and consensus was reached. There was a general lack of clarity in the conceptualization, diagnosis, and measurement of the severity of scrupulosity, and the content of religious or cultural interventions in the studies was not always clear. For future studies, further clarification, and systematization of the phenomenological features of scrupulosity and related epidemiological and empirical/experimental treatment research are needed.
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    Stimulation of the collective memory of the 1999 Turkey earthquake through the Turkish media coverage of the 2023 earthquake
    (Bastas, 2024) Aldamen, Yasmin; Abdul Jaleel, Dilana Thasleem; Aldamen, Yasmin; İletişim Fakültesi, Yeni Medya ve İletişim Fakültesi
    Turkey has been struck by several powerful earthquakes. Since the 1999 earthquake was the most recent and devastating earthquake before the last one happened in February 2023, many of these media channels’ depictions of the 2023 earthquake in Turkey may have been impacted by the collective memory of the 1999 earthquake. Collective memory of disasters and conflicts frequently takes on special significance as a mechanism for society to cope with the catastrophic events they have witnessed. Collective memory aids societies in dealing with the consequences of such events by giving a feeling of continuity as well as a structure for interpreting and comprehending what occurred. The media and social media are important in developing and conveying collective memory. They play an important role in framing events, transmitting details, and providing a forum for public debate. Social media, in addition to traditional media, has emerged as an innovative platform for the construction and diffusion of collective memory. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether the Turkish media depicted the collective memory of the 1999 earthquake in the aftermath of the 2023 earthquake. If the collective memory of the 1999 earthquake is invoked in media coverage of the 2023 earthquake, how is it depicted in terms of lessons learned, public response, and influence on Turkish society? The study’s findings indicate that the analysis of Turkish media coverage pertaining to the 2023 earthquake has demonstrated a restricted collective recollection of the 1999 earthquake.
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    Nationalism and knowledge: Othering and the disciplin(e)ing of anthropology in India
    (Routledge, 2023) Ahmad, Irfan; Ahmad, Irfan; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, Sosyoloji Bölümü
    This essay is about how Indian anthropology-sociology has historically theorized Islam and Muslims. In it, I demonstrate how anthropologists’ discourse on Islam and the majoritarian Hindu discourse on nation–Muslims being its constitutive other–dovetail into each other. Three main catalogues through which anthropology has dealt with Muslims are: silence, alienness and erasure. Against anthropology’s self-perception as the most reflexive discipline, I argue how Indian anthropology has been intertwined with nation-state as both an ideology and a set of practices. I also identify connections between symbolic violence of anthropology-sociology manifest in the othering of Islam and anti-Muslim political violence in postcolonial India. Discussing influential texts, schools of thoughts, departments, individuals, institutions, professional association in a framework that comparatively alludes to the ‘anomaly’ of Jews vis-à-vis German anthropology, this essay also charts out a different genealogy of anthropology in India, one that remains hushed in the regnant accounts. In so doing, it maps the discipline’s trajectory from its moment of formation to the present. One key aim of the essay is to unveil the theory behind methodological nationalism to discuss the (im)possibility of writing an alternative anthropology-sociology of India.
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    The axiomatization (taq‘id) of the critical method (manhaj al-naqd) of hadith scholars: Responding to anti-intellectualism
    (National University of Malaysia, 2023) Safi, Mohammed Tayssir; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    The Criteria of Authenticity (shurut al-sihha), as a set of rules (qawa‘id), has in recent years come under severe scrutiny by contemporary hadith scholarship. This article will investigate one line of criticism which rejects the goal of developing theoretical rules (al-tanzir) altogether, and instead encourages the applied work (al-tatbiq) of analyzing Prophetic statements. This article will provide an epistemic analysis of the objection which situates it within a broadly anti-intellectualist framework. I will then respond to the objection by suggesting a different conception (tasawwur) of qawa‘id and then arguing that the relationship between knowledge of theoretical rules, and knowledge in the form of skills or abilities, helps rebut, or at least weakens their objection. Finally, I will show that the critical method (manhaj al-naqd) of hadith scholars is an epistemic apparatus (ala ma‘rifiyya), which aids those who apply it, in reasoning properly and protects them from making errors in epistemic judgement.
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    What determines public attitudes toward immigration in the Middle East: An analysis at the individual level
    (Emerald Publishing, 2024) Saleh, Deena; Vergil, Hasan; Vergil, Hasan; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, İktisat Bölümü
    Purpose: Surveys in Europe show that immigration is more of a challenge than an opportunity for a significant number of people. However, little attention is given to attitudes toward immigration in the Middle East. This paper examines the effects of personal values and religiosity on the anti-immigration attitudes of citizens in the Middle East and North African countries. Design/methodology/approach: Utilizing data from the World Values Survey, we analyze how personal values and religiosity affect anti-immigration attitudes in nine Middle Eastern countries. The data covers individual-level data of 9 MENA countries from the WVS Round 7 (2017–2022). Factor analysis is applied as a data reduction method. Afterward, an OLS regression analysis is conducted on the pooled data. Findings: Anti-immigration attitudes increase with age, education, and religiosity. Personal values such as national pride, support for nationals, and belongingness to one’s country significantly affect anti-immigration attitudes. Furthermore, the importance of religion as a measure of religiosity was found to be positively associated with anti-immigration attitudes. Originality/value: This paper contributes to underexplored literature by investigating how individual-level determinants, such as demographic indicators, personal values, and religious factors, shape anti-immigration attitudes in the MENA context, distinct from European dynamics.
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    Gender disproportionality in special education: An analysis of odd ratios and trends
    (John Wiley & Sons, 2024) Akgül, Savaş; Yakut, Ayşe Dilşad; Yakut, Ayşe Dilşad; Eğitim Bilimleri Fakültesi, Rehberlik ve Psikolojik Danışmanlık Bölümü
    In Turkey, the special education population has steadily increased since 2006. By generating a 16-year period of data obtained from the National Education Statistics (NES) published annually by the Presidency of Strategy Development of the Ministry of National Education, we synthesize the gender odds ratios and trends by special education categories and/or educational settings. We used odds ratios and the Mann-Kendall test for data analysis. Gender disproportionality exists in favour of males with special needs in the majority of educational settings. In addition, we found uptrends, downtrends, and no trends for gender odds ratios. Gender disproportionality is discussed, along with implications for research and practice.
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    Stock market response to natural disasters: Does corporate sustainability performance make difference?
    (Elsevier, 2024) Aksoy, Mine; Yılmaz, Mustafa Kemal; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, İşletme Bölümü
    This study aims to examine the short-term price reactions of the stocks listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) after the severe earthquake of February 6, 2023, that happened in the southeastern region of Türkiye covering 11 provinces and causing more than 50,000 fatalities. Using a sample of 450 companies listed on the BIST All Index, this study estimates the abnormal returns (ARs) of stocks by employing an event study methodology. Using BIST 100 companies as a sub-sample, this study also explores whether sustainability performance creates resilience against downside risk after the earthquake. The results of the market model and the mean-adjusted model show that on the event day, most of the sectors had negative and significant ARs, while only the non-metal mineral products had positive and significant ARs. Most of the sectors continued to decline in the following 10 days except basic metal and non-metal mineral products sectors. The telecommunications sector was the most negatively affected sector in both models after the event day as it has underperformed in ensuring uninterrupted access to communication. The findings also indicate that firms in the financial sector that have higher sustainability performance are more resilient in responding to the disaster.
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    Strategic agility and product development in emerging markets: The role of employee resilience and self-efficacy as microfoundations
    (IEEE, 2024) Bouguerra, Abderaouf; Gölgeci, İsmail; Gligor, David M.; Khan, Zaheer; Arslan, Ahmad; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, İşletme Bölümü
    While strategic agility is increasingly acknowledged as a critical source of innovation and product development performance (PDP), little attention has been paid to the microindividual capabilities that translate strategic agility into greater PDP. In this article, we examine the mediating roles of employee resilience and self-efficacy as key dynamic microlevel (individual) capabilities that connect firms' strategic agility to their PDP in the emerging market of Türkiye. We draw on dynamic capabilities theory, adopt a microfoundations approach, and run a multilevel analysis using data from 758 managers working in 185 firms to test our hypotheses. We draw on the microfoundations of PDP and provide important insights into how individual capabilities enable attaining higher PDP in emerging markets. In particular, the findings suggest that strategic agility is positively associated with PDP. Also, the impact of strategic agility on PDP - both examined at the organizational level - is conveyed through individual-level capabilities of employee resilience and self-efficacy. Our study makes significant theoretical contributions to innovation and product development, operations management, and strategic agility research and draws managerial implications.