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    Human capital, economic complexity, andecological footprints: Crafting a sustainabledevelopment policy framework for E7 nations
    (Wiley, 2024) Hong, Tao; Yin, Jie; Latif, Muhammad Nouman; Ahmad, Mahmood
    Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with far-reaching implications for ecosystems, economies, and societies worldwide. Human capital (HUC) and economic complexity (ECC) "understood as structural transformation toward more sophisticated and knowledge-based production" can be pivotal in curtailing ecological degradation. In this context, the study explores the intricate relationship between HUC, financial development, financial globalization, gross domestic product, ECC, and ecological footprints from 1995 to 2021. To achieve this objective, advanced econometric estimation methods are employed. The results indicate the presence of cross-sectional dependence and slope heterogeneity in the dataset. The variables present a mixed order of stationarity, while the Westerlund test indicates the presence of a long-run equilibrium association. The results from the Method of Moments Quantile regression indicate that ECC posed a positive but insignificant effect in the lower quantile (tau = 0.1-0.25), while negative and significant in the middle (tau = 0.50) and upper quantiles (tau = 0.75-0.90). Moreover, financial globalization negatively and significantly affects ecological footprints through all the quantiles except the lower quantile (tau = 0.1). Financial development, gross domestic product, and HUC enhance environmental degradation by escalating ecological footprints. Based on the results, the study suggested enhancing the ECC and financial globalization, while sustainable utilization of HUC and strict regulations for the financial sector to foster sustainable development in E7 countries.
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    İşe alımda adayın kişisel veri güvenliği: Yapay zekâ destekli video mülakat uygulamaları
    (Kişisel Verileri Koruma Kurumu, 2024) Çelik, Ezgi Sima
    Mesaj yazarken cümlelerimizi tamamlamaktan sorduğumuz neredeyse her soruya cevap verebilen sohbet robotlarına kadar pek çok alanda yapay zekâ kullanılıyor. Popülaritesi her geçen gün artan yapay zekânın son zamanlardaki etkin kullanım alanlarından biri de işe alımdır. Yapay zekâ vasıtasıyla on binlerce işçi adayının özgeçmişi otomatik olarak değerlendirilebilmekte ve sosyal medya platformları üzerinden potansiyel adaylar kolayca taranabilmektedir. Bir diğer örnek uygulama da yapay zekâ destekli video mülakattır. Bu çalışmada hedeflenen, yapay zekâ destekli video mülakat uygulamalarının kişisel verilerin güvenliği kapsamında hukuki boyutunun incelenmesi ve gelecekte bu alanda karşımıza çıkabilecek muhtemel hak ihlallerine karşı çözüm önerileri geliştirmektir. Bu amaç ışığında hem yerli hem yabancı olmak üzere hukuki ve bilimsel akademik kaynaklar, haber kaynakları, çeşitli yasal düzenlemeler incelenmiştir. Kişisel veri güvenliğinin kendisi nispeten yeni bir hukuki araştırma alanıdır. Biliyoruz ki günümüzde bilgi güçtür. Bu da kişisel veri alanında atılacak hukuki adımların hayati önem taşıyacağı anlamına gelir. Alınacak her karar ve yapılacak her uygulama hiç kuşkusuz hepimizi yakından ilgilendirecektir.
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    ChatGPT and its role in revolutionizing digital marketing and enhancing customer engagement
    (IGI Global, 2024) Tarabah, Nour El Hoda; Amin, Mohamed El Said; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, İşletme Ana Bilim Dalı
    In the digital era, businesses strive to harness various advancements in the tech field to attain heightened levels of customer engagement and ensure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. For instance, digital marketing has the capacity to utilize AI advancements to a significant extent. In particular, nowadays, digital marketers are leveraging a recent large language-model-based chatbot called "ChatGPT, " which enables users to engage in human-like conversations and has unprecedented opportunities to reshape and revolutionize the ecosystem of digital marketing and customer engagement. In this regard, this chapter underscores the transformative potential of ChatGPT in the domain of digital marketing and its profound implications for augmenting customer engagement by reviewing and synthesizing existing literature. Moreover, it considers the ethical implications surrounding AI deployment. By synthesizing existing literature, this chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge in this domain, guiding future research and practice.
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    Building a Muslim worldview through Islamic education in the middle of globalization
    (Institut Pesantren KH Abdul Chalim, 2023) Husna, Arinal; Mahfuds, Yusqi; Uthman, Yusuf Olawale Owa-Onire; Aprilianto, Andika; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    It is undeniable that the current of Westernization has been so strong. Western cultural values and ideologies have entered the minds of most Indonesian Muslims. So unknowingly, he became a worldview. This study aims to examine two things; first. The importance of the Islamic worldview for a Muslim as a feature of his identity in the midst of globalization, and secondly. The role of Islamic education in building and linking the world view of Islam in Muslim societies in the midst of globalization. This research includes library research, so the data collection technique used in this research is literary data collection. The results of this study show that the Islamic worldview is very different from the Western worldview regarding reality and truth because the Islamic worldview refers to the main sources, namely the Qur'an and Hadith. For this reason, the role and responsibility of Islamic education are to build and strengthen the worldview of Islam in Muslim society as a system of guidance and control over ideas and values that undermine their identity or identity as Muslims. The education system must refer to the Islamic worldview to produce pious human beings who always base their attitudes and actions on Islamic teachings and values.
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    The axiomatization (taq‘id) of the critical method (manhaj al-naqd) of hadith scholars: Responding to anti-intellectualism
    (National University of Malaysia, 2023) Safi, Mohammed Tayssir; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    The Criteria of Authenticity (shurut al-sihha), as a set of rules (qawa‘id), has in recent years come under severe scrutiny by contemporary hadith scholarship. This article will investigate one line of criticism which rejects the goal of developing theoretical rules (al-tanzir) altogether, and instead encourages the applied work (al-tatbiq) of analyzing Prophetic statements. This article will provide an epistemic analysis of the objection which situates it within a broadly anti-intellectualist framework. I will then respond to the objection by suggesting a different conception (tasawwur) of qawa‘id and then arguing that the relationship between knowledge of theoretical rules, and knowledge in the form of skills or abilities, helps rebut, or at least weakens their objection. Finally, I will show that the critical method (manhaj al-naqd) of hadith scholars is an epistemic apparatus (ala ma‘rifiyya), which aids those who apply it, in reasoning properly and protects them from making errors in epistemic judgement.
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    Assessment of technical and financial challenges for renewable energy project alternatives
    (Elsevier, 2024) Eti, Serkan; Yüksel, Serhat; Dinçer, Hasan; Kalkavan, Hakan; Hacıoğlu, Ümit; Mikhaylov, Alexey; Shah Danish, Mir Sayed; Pinter, Gabor; Hacıoğlu, Ümit; Yönetim Bilimleri Fakültesi, İşletme Bölümü; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, İşletme Ana Bilim Dalı
    The purpose of this study is to assess technical and financial challenges for renewable energy project alternatives with a novel model. Firstly, a set of technical and financial challenges is created by considering the results of the literature evaluation. After that, the weights of these values are computed by Sine Trigonometric Pythagorean Fuzzy (ST-PFN) DEMATEL. The next step includes the ranking of six renewable energy alternatives with interval valued Spherical fuzzy multicriteria analysis with ratio and categorical data (SF MAIRCA) approach. Entropy and ARAS methodology are also considered to make comparative evaluation. Similarly, sensitivity analysis is also conducted for 10 different cases. It is concluded that the analysis results of all methods are the same. Therefore, it is identified that the findings of the proposed model are reliable and coherent. Identification of the most crucial technical and financial challenges of the renewable energy projects is the most important contribution of this manuscript. Furthermore, preferring the sine trigonometric structure in the proposed model will provide superiority to this model in many respects. It is concluded that difficulty in accessing finance for local projects is the most significant challenge for renewable energy investments. Moreover, competitive pricing of renewable sources is another critical issue in this regard. Additionally, it is identified that solar is the most successful renewable energy alternative to overcome technical and financial challenges.
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    Kore Türk Tugayı imamları ve Kore'de İslamiyet
    (T. C. Cumhurbaşkanlığı Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı, 2023) Öztürk, Sevde
    Eser, Kore Savaşı ve sonraki süreçte Kore’de görev yapan Türk tabur imamlarının Kore’deki İslam algısına etkisini, Türk askerî kültürü ve Türk tabur imamlarının İslami faaliyetlerinin arka planını anlatmaktadır. Altı bölümden oluşan eserde üç tabur imamının hayatı ve faaliyetlerine odaklanılarak Kore Türk Tugayı’nın Kore’deki İslamiyet için sundukları katkılar detaylandırılmıştır.
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    Japon edebiyatının zevki
    (VakıfBank Kültür Yayınları, 2023) Keene, Donald; Dündar, Ali Merthan; Yamamoto, Naoki; Öztürk, Sevde
    Elinizdeki bu kitap, beş konferans serisinin derlenmesi neticesinde ortaya çıkmıştır. Konferanslardan ilk üçü 1986 baharında New York Halk Kütüphanesi’nde, dördüncüsü aynı yıl Los Angeles’daki Kaliforniya Üniversitesi’nde ve sonuncusu 1987’de New York’taki Metropolitan Sanat Müzesi’nde verilmiştir. İlk başta Japon edebiyatı ve tiyatrosunun tüm dönemlerini ele almayı düşünürken aslında modern gelişmelerden ziyade geleneksel gelişmeler hakkında konuşmak istediğimi keşfettim. Bu nedenle, verilen konferanslardan doğan bu kitap, modern öncesi dönemlerin Japon şiiri, düz yazısı ve tiyatrosuyla ilgilidir. Bunun yanında kitapta yakın zamanlardaki gelişmelere sadece atıflarda yer verilmiştir. Konferanslar –ve bu kitap- genel bir kitleye hitap etmeyi hedeflemiş olduğundan aslında her Japonya araştırmacısınca malum olan bilgileri de kapsamaktadır. Bu girişin ötesine geçmek isteyenler için daha detaylı çalışmaları ve İngilizceye çevrilmiş eserleri içeren bir okuma listesi ekledim.
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    Transdiagnostic unified protocol on anxiety disorders
    (The European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, 2023) Aydın, İclal; Uysal, Burcu; Turkcapar, Hakan; Uysal, Burcu
    Introduction: The transdiagnostic approach argues that the common features are needed to be taken into account [e.g. distress intolerance (DI), intolerance of uncertainty (IU), anxiety sensitivity (AS)] underlying emotional disorders rather than evaluating them separately since the dissection of anxiety disorders has increased with each emerging version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), in which the classification of anxiety disorders resulted in an increased number of intervention protocols for each disorder. That is why an increase in comorbidity among anxiety disorders is observed. This also caused an increase in comorbidity among anxiety disorders. The transdiagnostic approach offers a unified protocol (UP) for strengthening the common features, thereby both preventing the emergence of emotional disorders andor intervening in the symptom severity of emotional disorders, which can be applied to different types of emotional disorders. The main aim of this study is to develop a unified protocol. The UP will include interventions developing the levels of common transdiagnostic features (DI, IU, AS).
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    Social behaviour towards tax payment: A survey-based evidence from SADC countries
    (Hüzeyfe Süleyman Arslan, 2023) Khan, Asad ul Islam; Ibrahim, Mahat Maalim; Kaplan, Muhittin; Khan, Asad ul Islam; Kaplan, Muhittin; İnsan ve Toplum Bilimleri Fakültesi, İktisat Bölümü
    Tax non-compliance and its consequences have become a subject of increasing interest in academic literature and economic forums worldwide. While most studies on this issue focus on developed countries, there is a growing trend to explore understudied developing countries. To fill this gap, we investigated tax evasion drivers in eight Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries, using the round 7 Afrobarometer survey data conducted in 2019-2020. The survey's comprehensive coverage of economic, political, and sociological questions made it one of the most extensive surveys on the continent. We used logistic regression and Empirical Bayesian estimation and found that political legitimacy significantly influences tax evasion behavior in the SADC region. Individuals residing within the SADC are more likely to engage in tax evasion activities when they perceive a lack of access to fundamental services provided by their governments or harbor doubts about the legitimacy of political institutions. Therefore, policymakers in SADC member states should prioritize reviewing and evaluating economic policies, the performance and efficiency of political institutions, and more inclusive governance. We suggest that a strong and legitimate political framework, coupled with effective service delivery, can contribute to reducing tax evasion rates and enhancing public welfare outcomes. Institutional reforms, increased transparency, accountability, and a more inclusive governance system are necessary for fostering a culture of compliance and trust, leading to improved revenue collection.
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    Reklam hukuku açısından sosyal medya kullanıcı davranışlarının reklam kabul edilebilirliğinin değerlendirilmesi
    (Ankara Sosyal Bilimler Üniversitesi, 2023) Tüzgen, Abdurrahman Hamza
    Sosyal medya platformlarının gündelik hayattaki yerinin her geçen gün artmasına bağlı olarak reklam anlayışı da ciddi bir dönüşüm yaşamaya başlamıştır. Bu değişim, sosyal medya kullanımının arttıkça, yeni reklam yöntemlerini bünyesine katarak, yenilenmeye devam etmektedir. Reklam alanındaki hukuki düzenlemeler her zaman bu değişime aynı hızda ayak uyduramadığı için kimi zaman ortaya birtakım sorunlar çıkmaktadır. Sorunların çözümleri için öncelikle sosyal medyanın kendine has yapısının ve bu yapının ortaya çıkardığı reklamların tespiti büyük önem arz etmektedir…
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    Örtülü “influencer” reklamlarının idari denetimi
    (İstanbul Medipol Üniversitesi, 2023) Atay, Gülenda
    Günümüzde sosyal medya araçlarının yoğun kullanımına bağlı olarak daha fazla tüketiciye ulaşmak isteyen reklam verenler, sosyal medyada aktif, takipçilerinin satın alma davranışlarını yaptıkları paylaşımlarla etkileyebilen “influencer” adı verilen kişilerle iş birliği yapmaya başlamış, bu da “influencer marketing” olarak bilinen yeni bir sektörün doğmasını sağlamıştır. Her ne kadar sosyal medya üzerinden yürütülen reklam faaliyetlerinin denetimi oldukça zor olsa da bu durum, sektörün aktörleri olan reklam veren ve “influencer” arasındaki ilişki neticesinde ortaya konulan reklam faaliyetlerinin tüketici mevzuatına uygun bir yapıya sahip olması zorunluluğunu değiştirmemektir. Özellikle bu tür reklamların tüketici tarafından anlaşılır ve algılanabilir olması gerekmektedir. Bu zorunluluğa uyulmaması halinde örtülü reklam yasağına aykırılık problemi gündeme gelecektir. İşbu çalışmada öncelikle “influencer marketing” reklam uygulamalarının hukuki niteliği hakkında bilgi verilecek olup, daha sonra örtülü reklam yasağı kurumuna değinilecektir. Ardından “influencer”lar tarafından ortaya konulan tanıtımlarda örtülü reklam yasağının mahiyeti incelenecektir. Bunun akabinde, örtülü “influencer” reklamlarının ne şekilde idari denetime tabi tutulduğu hususu ele alınarak çalışma nihayete erdirilecektir.
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    Efficiency analysis of major airlines: Exploring the operational performance determinants in aviation
    (Springer, 2024) Yalçın, Kübra Çınar; Kuşakcı, Ali Osman; Tatoğlu, Ekrem; Kuşakcı, Ali Osman; Tatoğlu, Ekrem
    This paper evaluates the performances and dynamics of productivity changes of 38 airlines from different regions of the world between 2015 and 2019, assessing the effects of business model, alliance membership, the economic development level of the home country, and size on the operational performance of the airlines. In this regard, first, constant returns to scale (CRS) and variable returns to scale (VRS) input-oriented data envelopment analysis (DEA) models with three inputs and two outputs are implemented. The input-oriented CRS model super-efficiency DEA is also used to discriminate between efficient airlines. The Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) estimates efficiency dynamics across time. Further, the determinants of operational efficiencies are assessed by applying Mann-Whitney rank-sum tests. The analysis results show that most airlines suffer from scale inefficiency. MPI signifies productivity deterioration in airlines’ performance. It is found that low-cost carriers (LCC) have performed better than full-service carriers and alliance member airlines are less efficient than non-member airlines. Additionally, developed country airlines show better performance than their emerging country counterparts. Lastly, the size of airlines measured in available seat kilometers (ASK) is found to have no statistically significant effect on performance.
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    The No-Self Thesis: counterarguments from abnormal psychology
    (MedCrave, 2024) Berisha, Elma
    The no-self thesis is said to originate in David Hume’s1 “bundle theory of self,” questioning the human self as a mere bundle of fleeting perceptions without ontological reality. In contemporary discourse, the self is sandwiched between top-down and bottomup reductionisms: those with biological and cognitive arguments that reduce the self to a lower, ontological level, on the one hand, and those who hold cultural-linguistic constructionist positions, on the other hand, reducing the self to a higher level. In both cases, self reductionism is a prelude to complete self elimination. On these conceptions, what we call “self” may be nothing other than an unintended by-product of brain processes. Nevertheless, a cursory literature review suggests that the self firmly remains indispensable to almost every contemporary field of inquiry. Research and publications on the topic of the self have increased significantly in recent years across a number of disciplines. This paper aims to offer insights into the question of the self and its realities from the perspective of Abnormal Psychology. Although conventional Psychiatry is not directly invested in exploring the concept of “self” per se, the elaborate symptomatology and in-depth treatment of disorders in practice is indispensably linked to patients’ sense of self. In fact, a wide range of psychological and psychiatric disorders nowadays are increasingly being formally re-defined in terms of the “self”. Above and beyond to what has come to be known as the “new disorders of the self”, relevance of the self applies to classic categories of dissociation, autism, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and more. The pathological alternatives to a healthy sense of self are abound, and no effective psychotherapeutic intervention can be imagined without the concept of self.
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    [Book Review]: “Mesut Kaya. Sources of Ṭabarī’s Tafsir. Istanbul: Marmara University Faculty of Theology Publications, 2022. 415 Pages”
    (Ali Karataş, 2023) Auwal, Abdulkarim; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    Mesut Kaya identifies the sources that Ṭabarī used in his tafsir and provided a thorough analysis of those sources in his book Taberi Tefsirinin Kaynakları. The author also provides the reader with a significant amount of information about the early exegetical tradition. Ṭabarī’s narrations from the first-period commentaries is rigorously eveluated. By doing this, the author offers us with the neccesary information to critically identify, analyze and assess the original and early tafsir sources and works. Through referencing siginificant classical works and names, the book brought to light groundbreaking ways to reread the past and shape the future academic endeavors in fields such as hadith and tafsir. Because of its strategy, in-depth information, and outcomes, this book significantly contributes to the literature. Kaya, has done a comprehensive and a thorough work in narrowing down and manifesting various works and authors consulted by Ṭabarī. Not sufficing with mentioning the said classical works and auhtors, Kaya, endulged in an intense assesment of every related issue he dealt with in the book. Given the book’s significance, this work, attempts to evaluate the approach and content of Taberi Tafsiri'nin Kaynakları, as well as the author's comments and findings. The author’s reference to Fuat Sezgin and his methodology in analyzing isnad, is also referred to and dealt with systematically.
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    19. yüzyıl Diyarbekir Şer‘iyye Sicilleri ve İstanbul Bâb Mahkemeleri muhâlea kayıtları ışığında Osmanlı'da kadına bakış
    (Erzurum Teknik Üniversitesi Yayınevi, 2022) Yavuz, Hande; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    Şer‘iyye Sicilleri diğer bir ifade ile Kadı Sicilleri Osmanlı mahkemelerinde kayıt altına alınan davaların toplandığı defterleri ifade etmektedir. Bu kayıtlar Osmanlı Devleti'nde İslâm hukukunun kadılar tarafından nasıl yorumlandığının yanı sıra siyasî, sosyal ve ekonomik birçok noktada toplumun yapısının incelenebileceği aslî kaynakları oluşturmaktadır. Dolayısıyla Osmanlı toplumunda kadının konumunu tespit etme noktasında da başvurulabilecek birincil kaynaklar Kadı Sicilleridir. Çalışmamızda söz konusu kayıtları merkeze alarak Osmanlı Devleti'ne uzun süre başkentlik yapmış İstanbul ile merkezden uzak fakat köklü medrese geleneği ile ilmî açıdan temayüz etmiş Diyarbekir ilinin Şer‘iyye Sicilleri mukayese edilmektedir. Ne var ki bu hususta derinlemesine bir çalışma yapabilmek adına çalışmamız 19. yy. ve kadının teklifi ile birlikte tarafların belli şartlar üzerinde anlaşmaları sonucu boşanmaları anlamına gelen “muhâlea” kayıtları ile sınırlandırılmıştır. Sonuç olarak bildirimiz 19. yy. muhâlea kayıtları özelinde bir yandan Osmanlı Devleti'nde merkezde ve merkezden uzak yerlerde İslam hukukunun uygulanışına/yorumlanışına diğer yandan ise kadınların toplumdaki konumuna bütüncül bir şekilde bakma imkânı sunmaktadır.
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    Hanefî mezhebinde akdin teşekkülü bağlamında irade kavramı
    (Eğitime Destek Programları Merkezi (EDEP), 2023) Yavuz, Hande; Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Temel İslam Bilimleri Ana Bilim Dalı
    Hukukun öznesi olan insanın sözleri, fiilleri ve hatta sükûtu birtakım hukukî sonuçlar doğurmaktadır. Hukukî işlemlerin geçerliliğinde temel ölçüt ise kişinin söz konusu işlem için irade beyanında bulunmasıdır. İnsanlığın tanıdığı en eski hukukî müesseselerden birini teşkil eden akit işleminin gerçekleşmesi için de tarafların îcab ve kabul olarak ifade edilen irade beyanlarında bulunmaları gerekmektedir. Akdin teşekkülü bağlamında inceleyeceğimiz irade kavramının zeminini Hanefîler'in akit sözleşmeleri hakkında yaptıkları hukuk tasarımı oluşturmaktadır. Hanefîler, Cumhur'un aksine akit teorilerinde akdi aslı ve vasfı olmak üzere iki kısma ayırmaktadır…
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    Fintech adoption in Pakistan: Mobile Wallet Service (MWS) over GDP causality evidence for pre and post COVID-19
    (Kinnaird College for Women, 2023) Latif, Muhammad Nouman; Özcan, Rasim; Özcan, Rasim
    This paper aims to analyze the use of mobile wallet services in Pakistan and how they affect both the economy and people's daily lives. Socioeconomically disadvantaged households in Pakistan will swiftly use mobile wallet services due to the increasing adoption of technology. Socioeconomic considerations are the most commonly used criterion for determining whether someone is underbanked or unbanked. We used data on mobile wallet services (MWS) and GDP from the State Bank of Pakistan for the period of 2013 to 2022. We conducted a causality test to ascertain the relationship between Pakistan's GDP and mobile wallet service. We discovered that the relationship between mobile wallet service and GDP is unidirectional. We then conducted an ordinary least square regression analysis, and the findings showed a positive correlation between GDP and mobile wallet service, confirming the causality. Because it is incredibly user-friendly and convenient for clients, it demonstrates that this service attracts attention from the public. Many low-income individuals use it, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as opposed to using standard banking systems. We recommend that financial literacy initiatives be taken seriously in order to promote equal financial inclusion in the economy. Mobile wallet users should be encouraged to keep using the service in order to aid the government in revenue mobilization. Additionally, it prevents the movement of illicit funds or fraudulent activity in the financial sector.
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    Improved estimation of population mean using exponentially weighted moving averages for the time scaled surveys
    (Academy of IRMBR: International Research in Management & Business Realities, 2023) Bati, Bushra; Masood, Saadia; Latif, Muhammad Nouman
    This paper we use exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) statistic is an improved type statistic that used current and previous information to estimate the population parameter. In this article utilizes EWMA statistic to propose a ratio and product estimator for the surveys based on time scale. The proposed estimators consist of current as well as past sample information. The mean square error expressions of the proposed estimators are derived and mathematical conditions are recognized to prove the efficiency of proposed estimators. The results of simulation study it is discovered from that utilization of the past samples information the performance of estimator in expressions of efficiency. Real life examples are obtainable to determine the use of proposed estimators.
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    Adapting social media strategies: a comparative analysis of Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates before, during, and after the COVID-19 Pandemic
    (Bussecon International Academy, 2023) Kim, Tatyana; Kuşakcı, Ali Osman; Kuşakcı, Ali Osman
    In recent years, the aviation industry has transformed significantly, driven by the increasing importance of digital technologies and social media for communication and marketing. The COVID- 19 pandemic accelerated this transformation, posing unprecedented challenges to airlines. The present study investigates how Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Emirates adapted their social media strategies before, during, and after the pandemic. The research has a threefold focus: (i) assessing pre- pandemic social media strategies, (ii) examining strategy evolution during the pandemic, and (iii) comparing the effectiveness of these strategies before and after COVID-19. By exploring how these airlines leveraged social media to navigate pandemic-related disruptions and maintain vital connections with passengers, this study provides valuable insights. These findings hold significant implications for aviation stakeholders, marketing professionals, and researchers, shedding light on the evolving role of social media in crisis communication and marketing. The study uncovered interesting changes in how airlines use Twitter. After the pandemic, they started using more emojis, and their messages shifted from promoting services to expressing hope during the pandemic and back to promotions afterward. They played with visuals and hashtags. Pricing-wise, they offered discounts for students, different ticket options, and bundled services. In promotions, they focused on being environmentally and socially responsible, user convenience, and specific events. They mainly shared updates on flights, achievements, and travel advice. To engage people, they used quizzes, replied directly to customers, and targeted specific groups. For marketing managers, the study suggests being more customer-focused, emphasizing environmental and social responsibility, offering diverse pricing, celebrating milestones, and creating engaging content. Overall, the findings provide practical insights for adjusting marketing strategies in the ever-changing world of airlines, especially considering the challenges brought by COVID-19.