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    • Basra and Ikhwan al-Safa School of thought as representative of silk road civilizations 

      Köroğlu, Burhan. (Keimyung University, 2017)
      The city of Basra, established on the shore of Basra Bay in the south of modern Iraq, played an important role in agriculture and trade for centuries, with its geography and its position where two great rivers of Mesopotamia ...
    • Criticism of the non-theistic explanations of fine-tuning 

      Doko, Enis. (Science Publishing Group, 2019)
      Modern physics has shown that the universe is fine-tuned for life. Theists have argued that fine-tuning of the universe for life can be used as a premise in for a teleological argument for the existence of God. One possible ...
    • Does fine-tuning need an explanation? 

      Doko, Enis. (2019)
      Contemporary physics has shown that the universe is fine-tuned for life i.e. of all the possible ways physical laws, initial conditions and constants of physics could have been configured, only an extremely small range is ...
    • Is the theory of evolution compatible with Islam? 

      Doko, Enis. (The Leiden University Shii Studies Initiative (LUSSI), 2021)
      Perhaps the most significant problem in science-religion interaction in the Muslim world is the reconciliation of Islam and Evolution. Usually, the response of Muslims is either to reject Human evolution (or evolution in ...
    • Islam and evolution: A defense 

      Doko, Enis. (Mehmet Bulğen, 2022)
      Arguably most crucial issue in science-religion interaction in the Muslim context is the relation of Islam and the Neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. Muslim scholars are divided into two main camps. On the one hand, Muslim ...
    • Kalam cosmological argument and the modern science 

      Doko, Enis. (2018)
      Huduth argument (in contemporary Western philosophy known as Kalam Cosmological argument) is an argument for the existence of God which rests on the idea that the universe has a beginning in time. Some theists have claimed ...