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    • Anarchism and religion 

      Ringmar, Erik. (Routledge, 2021)
      A related problem is the close connection between religion and warfare. As anarchists point out, religions have always helped justify violence against foreigners. Religious denominations that have enjoyed the protection ...
    • Muslim calls to prayer in the Swedish welfare state 

      Ringmar, Erik. (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2019)
      To understand why support for anti-immigrant policies is on the increase in Sweden, we need to think about Muslim demands for parity within the country. In this context, the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) is best understood ...
    • Turkey's constitutional referendum and its effects on Turkish politics 

      Duran, Burhanettin; Miş, Nebi. (Deutsches Orient-Institut, 2017)
      This contribution analyses the presidential system of government and its impacts on Turkish politics. First of all, this work elaborates the reasons of those who support a change of the current political system, addressing ...
    • Türkiye'de üniversiteler ve radikalleşme 

      Köse, Talha; Coşkun, İpek. (SETA Vakfı, 2019)
      Bu kitap Türkiye’de radikalleşme konusunda sınırlı olan araştırma alanına katkı sağlamak amacıyla yazıldı. Hatırlanacağı üzere 2015’te Türkiye’nin şehir merkezlerinde yaşanan bombalı saldırılarda faillerin bir kısmı ...